How to Make a Sign Using a Woodworking Router

How to Make a Sign Using a Woodworking Router

Nov 19, 2018
By : Todd

Learn how to make a custom wooden sign using a woodworking router without using a cnc machine.

I carved out material on a maple board using a woodworking router, filled the recess with paint, and then cleaned up the surface of the board. The project is fairly straightforward and would be an easy one for newer woodworkers.

Tools Needed

A Saw - Almost any type of saw will work.  If you want a sign with straight edges, a tablesaw, miter saw, or circular saw will work.  Curved edges will mean a jigsaw, bandsaw, or scrollsaw will allow you to create the desired profile.  If you are using handtools then pick out your favorite saw.

A Router - An electric router will serve you best here, although it could certainly be made with various carving gouges and chisels.  There is a plunge cut for the interior portion of the sign and an edging cut on the outer profile.

Sander - There will be plenty of sanding on this project to clean off excess paint.  Like the saw, almost any sander will work.

Materials Needed

Lumber - I used maple

Carbon Paper - Used to transfer your design onto the wood.

Paint - Spray paint works well to produce an even coat without staining the wood

Finish - I used a wipe on polyurethane to coat the board.

In looking for a supply of beeswax to make some food-safe finishes I met with a beekeeper who needed a custom sign made. We made a deal and I set to work on the sign.